Forgot to charge powerbank... #StoryOfMyLifeIn4Words
Who switched on Monday? #StoryOfMyLifeIn4Words
So Arsenal wins the #CommunityShield! How many Gunners here did we have, gunning for them now?
So Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrates scoring his team's first goal with Santi Cazorla. Who's taking the #CommunityShield this time?
@changezkx Ah man. Don't do that. Have you tried ordering online? Here's a link -
The Gunners or the Blues, who's taking the Community Shield away this time?
Preparation is Key! Results will come automatically.
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Bastian Schweinsteiger is Germany's most decorated player ever! Here's wishing the maestro a very happy birthday!
So England go 2-1 up in the 5 match Ashes Series. What's your take on this?