Take care of your oily skin!

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Does your face look shiny in the morning? Do you tend to break out in pimples now and then? I hate to break it to you, but sounds like you have oily skin.

The oiliness itself is not the problem, but its potential consequences can be troublesome. You need to take care of your skin, without going to any extremes.

Here are some ways to do the same:

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Easy hydration tips for your skin

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Pollution is a major issue that is affecting everyone today. And more than anything else, it affects the skin. Skin care has become of utmost importance because of the increasing pollution.

We are all exposed to a million impurities all day. Pollution, dust, chemicals etc are just some of them. These pollutants cause major damage to your skin everyday. One needs to pay attention to skin care on a daily basis.

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Five easy skin care tips for young men

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Young guys now-a-days are extremely active and busy with their day to day schedules. Especially the college goers and the young working professionals. They keep running from one place to another all day long, doing multiple tasks at once.

Amidst all of it, almost all of them do not pay attention to their to hygiene and more specifically, their skin. They are exposed to all sorts of environments all day long and a lot of damage is done by the time they get home and simply wash their face with soap.

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Skincare tips for men that will get any woman’s attention


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Gone are the days you could walk out of the bed, stand under the shower and still succeed in impressing the girl of your dreams. I’m not saying that girls were naïve then; but it’s men who were then, and some still are. Did you know your skin pays the price for all your foolishness? While most women love men who are sporty, witty, and gentle; a few or maybe none love men who don’t take care of their skin. It’s never too late to make the change, here’s how you can undo the damage-

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Nail Care. Not Just For Women.


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Health doesn’t end at a particular part of your body, so take care of the whole of you. On the whole you need to take care of everything, small or big. Be it men or women, taking care of your body as a whole is very important. Hygiene is neutral and considering skin care as feminine is wrong.

Nail care for men is more important than what you think of it to be. A man’s nails grow faster than woman’s. As they grow faster they are prone to more bacteria or bumps. Cutting your nails and keeping them in shape is a basic practice and doing that will keep you away from numerous infections.

Here is a list of what to do to keep your nails clean:

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How to Maintain Your Skin Tone?


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When it comes to skin, everyone has a unique tone and that’s because of different shades of pigment. It’s when you don’t take proper care of yourself, the tone gets uneven. It may be the exposure of sun or a layer formed by dead skin cells. An uneven skin tone can also be a result of genetics or a medical problem.

While you are wondering about problems related to this, I am here to tell you about a few basic steps which will help you find that even skin tone back and your skin will look as flawless as ever. Read and follow:

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Take Care of Your Skin and Reap Its Benefits!

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Temporary good looks won’t make a permanent impression. The way you take care of your skin, will. Skin care is not specific to women or men; everyone needs to take care of their skin and in the right way. Men, it’s time you care! Example- When you know that shaving your beard on a daily basis will make your skin rough and take away its moisture, try avoiding it.

Taking care of your skin is no rocket science. A few simple steps and a little precaution will help you find a healthy skin.

Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and attractive:

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Take Care of Your Tattoo!

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May it be a part of being trendy, personal choices or just to boast one, a tattoo never goes out of style. Varied designs, colors, patterns and personalized variations, it’s like you live once and you should just get one for life. Temporary tattoos might damage your skin with the amount of chemicals they contain, but if you approach the right artist at a professional parlor, you might just get one amazing tattoo done.

Here are a few tips that helped me with my tattoo-

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Skin Myths Busted!

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As much as you care for your body inside, you need to take care of your skin outside. You come across a lot of facts on skin, but do you actually know if they are true or not? Maybe not! A healthy skin isn’t just the sign of using the right skin care products, but a balance between eating right, sleeping well and exercising regularly.

Here are a few facts you might not know:

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Oil Free Skin in A Few Steps!


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Everyone has a different skin type and so they need different skin care tips to keep their skin healthy. Excessive amount of oil on your skin can give you unnecessary shine and grease. It can also give you pimples and spots as side effects. Today I am going to take you through a few steps on how to get oil free skin and keep it smooth. Men, it’s time you take care and here’s how:

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