Take Care of Your Skin and Reap Its Benefits!

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Temporary good looks won’t make a permanent impression. The way you take care of your skin, will. Skin care is not specific to women or men; everyone needs to take care of their skin and in the right way. Men, it’s time you care! Example- When you know that shaving your beard on a daily basis will make your skin rough and take away its moisture, try avoiding it.

Taking care of your skin is no rocket science. A few simple steps and a little precaution will help you find a healthy skin.

Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and attractive:

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Take Care of Your Tattoo!

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May it be a part of being trendy, personal choices or just to boast one, a tattoo never goes out of style. Varied designs, colors, patterns and personalized variations, it’s like you live once and you should just get one for life. Temporary tattoos might damage your skin with the amount of chemicals they contain, but if you approach the right artist at a professional parlor, you might just get one amazing tattoo done.

Here are a few tips that helped me with my tattoo-

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Skin Myths Busted!

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As much as you care for your body inside, you need to take care of your skin outside. You come across a lot of facts on skin, but do you actually know if they are true or not? Maybe not! A healthy skin isn’t just the sign of using the right skin care products, but a balance between eating right, sleeping well and exercising regularly.

Here are a few facts you might not know:

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Oil Free Skin in A Few Steps!


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Everyone has a different skin type and so they need different skin care tips to keep their skin healthy. Excessive amount of oil on your skin can give you unnecessary shine and grease. It can also give you pimples and spots as side effects. Today I am going to take you through a few steps on how to get oil free skin and keep it smooth. Men, it’s time you take care and here’s how:

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3 Unhealthy Things You Do Unknowingly

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Keeping yourself healthy and fit takes a lot of effort or sometimes if we take care of small things, it actually doesn’t. A change in your usual habits can save you from falling ill or affecting your health in a major way just because of your daily routine. As small as a snot in your tissue affects your nasal passage immensely. Here are a few mistakes you might be making unintentionally:

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Why is face wash better than soap?


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I’m going to share my friend Ravi’s story with you today, he learnt his lesson with experience and maybe his teachings will help you learn sooner.

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How to get rid of dark circles?


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Dark circles are found under your eyes and make you look much older than your actual age. This concerns you, doesn’t it? In this article i’m going to share some easy tips to reduce these under eye dark patches and look a younger you.

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How Am I Harming My Face With A Soap?


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People often make a very common mistake of using soap bars to wash their face. You too must have also experienced your mother or dermatologist stopping you from using soap bars. I am sure this must have left you wondering what is the major problem in using soap bars?

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3 Kinds of Facewash


When it comes to taking care of our skin, us men don’t take it very seriously. We often use soap or pick up the closest face wash we can find to wash our face.  Soaps are harmful for your face as they can strip away essential oils and moisture which could cause more problems than solve them.

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Does Acne Spread When I Touch It?


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Think about these questions before you read this article!

How many times do you touch your face in a day? What all do your hands come in contact with before you touch your face? Well, it is difficult to answer these questions because the answer is ‘endless’.

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